Participating In Curios Creator Fund

getting paid

Last updated May 21, 2024

Getting Paid from the Curios Creator Fund

Curios wants to reward creators for self publishing, staying independent and for using our platform. 

Anyone can enter and participate and earn up to $11,250 in addition to anything they earn from sales. 

Step 1: Login to by entering your email address, accepting terms, and then hitting submit


Step 2: Click the Curios Creator Fund Link in the left hand navigation 

Step 3: You will be taken to the Creator Fund Dashboard where you can track progress as well as complete any required steps for the fund. 

This page will track your progress and can serve as a reference for any remaining actions. 

Each of the steps will be described in detail below: 

Step 4: To Enter the fund you must agree to the terms of the fund by reading through the Participation Terms link as well as click the I agree button.


Step 5: Next you will have to complete the steps associated with Level 1. 

To complete your Creator Profile in the studio. Click the link for and then click on My Profile in the left hand navigation. 

Fill out the required information. 

Username - this is just your account name and is not displayed anywhere onsite. 

Avatar - this is an image that will be used to help fans identify your account. The image should be representative of you or your creative organization. 

Display Name - This is the public name used on This should be the name that your fans and audience know you or your organization by. 

Description - This is the area for you or your organization’s bio or relevant details. 

Once this is complete: Navigate back to the Curios Creator Fund Tracking Page

Here you will see that you need to complete a Know Your Customer, or KYC. This step helps Curios comply with US based policies around money transmission and helps us ensure other users are not posting unauthorized or copyrighted material. 

Click the link KYC to verify your identity

This will open up a new link from our third party provider Stripe where you can complete these steps. 

Simply follow the onscreen instructions until you see a Verification Submitted page

Click the link to return to the Curios Creator Fund Tracking Page. 

The last step of level 1 is to follow one of the Official Curios social media profiles. 

Step 5: Next you will have to complete the two steps associated with Level 2, to earn $50

The first step is to publish a project on Instructions for how to complete this step can be found at

Next you will need to promote this project to your audience and fan base on your social media channels. 

To complete the step, paste the link for your social post in the area provided and hit submit


Once complete this will kick off a review process. 

When the submission is approved by Curios you will be able to withdraw this and any future rewards from under the Statements/Payout tab

To withdraw your rewards click the Request Payout button at the top of your statement page. 


Step 6: The remainder of the creator fund from level 3-6 will be rewards for garnering claims or sales. 

All claims and sales are cumulative and can be summed across multiple projects to reach the tiers of the creator fund. 

To increase your sales or claims please see our tutorial for Gaining Sales and Claims