Self publishing and fan engagement for creators.

Keep 100% of your sales and access fan contact information directly.

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Own your work,
Know your fans.

Maintain full ownership, creative control, and profits. Access and communicate directly with your fans.

$1 MILLION Creator Fund

At Curios, we believe in creators and we're going all in on you with our $1 million dollar Creator Fund. Unlock rewards as you make sales.

Monetize your passion

Your fans want your content. Take full control of the distribution process and provide your fans direct access to your content.

Quickly build passive income streams so you can focus on your art

You've done the work to build your audience, Curios will help you know exactly who they are.

Curios hosts easy tools to reward your audience, and promote any upcoming events or launches to all of them.

Build your fanbase

Join over 10,000+ creators

Browse All Creators

Can't be cancelled.

Engage directly with your fans.

Access their contact information.

Take them with you everywhere you go.

Drop the middleman.

Sell directly to your fans.

Keep 100% of sales revenue.

We don't take a cut of your sales.

No Fees for Creators

We add a small fee paid by the buyer for each sale.

Give your fans the best experience,
only with Curios.

Memberships, gated content, tickets & more.

Unlockable Content

Create non-public content tied to each item which is encrypted and monitored and available only to individuals who purchased or claimed your work.

Shareable Product Pages

Every item you list gets its own unique webpage, for easy sharing with your fans


Create and Sell Tickets to Your Event, Understand Every Individual who purchases and attends and receive all revenue quickly

Secure Streaming

Only buyers/claimers of your content can access your content. End to End encryption protects your content at all times


If you allow resales or transfers of your content, you can add a royalty that must be paid anytime your content changes hands.

Fast payouts

Curios clears funds quickly and directly to you, so you can earn passive incomes from your work.


Give your content or tickets to any email that you choose, whether you are inviting them to join an event or offering your content for free, the airdrop tool can make that happen.

Advanced Email Tools

Keep your audience engaged with state of the art CRM tools to email and notify your fans of upcoming content, events, and more.

Reporting Tools

Understand exactly what fan purchased, attended, or viewed your content. Access all information about your audience

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