• Keep 100% of Sales Revenue
  • Own the contact information for anyone who has purchased or claimed your content
  • Collect new streams of revenue through direct sales, events tickets, merchandise, and more
  • Promote to Curios' Network of over 300,000 users
  • Maintain Full Ownership of Your IP

Start Using the Creator Tools BETA

Speak to your Audience

You receive contact information for anyone that purchases or claims your content. So you can communicate and market directly with your audience.

Curios security ensures only purchasers/chosen recipients can access your content

Distribute or Sell

  • Video
  • Music
  • Tickets
  • Merchandise
  • Audio books
  • E-books
  • Memberships
  • Create exclusive rewards
  • and more

What We Provide

Self Publish and directly sell your digital content to your audience +300k Curios users

Directly access and contact users who purchased or claimed your content

Securely stream unlockable content and videos to your customers

Create, distribute or sell tickets to any IRL event, gallery show, concert and more

Add a claim for a physical good or merchandise

Continually engage & reward followers for promoting you and your work

Receive royalties if anyone transfers or resells your content

Create white lists for special access to your VIP followers

Create a custom online destination to grow your following

And much more...

What's the Catch?

Instead of charging 20% - 40% to the artist or giving fractions of cents per stream, Curios will charge $0.10 - $1.00 to the buyer so the artist can receive their listed amount IN FULL.

More About Curios

Curios uses the powerful technology behind web3 and blockchains to ensure access to your content cannot be reproducible and to ensure real time, accurate accounts of your customers. All of this technology is completely in the background, so creators can utilize web3 and NFTs benefits without having any ecosystem barriers.

Due to this technology, your customers can actually own the right to stream your content, and if you approve it, they can resell or transfer.

Enterprise/ Business looking to whitelabel this or any of our tools, reach us at [email protected].