About Curios

Self Publishing
digital content

Last updated May 29, 2024

Curios is an open platform for you to self publish your work. 

On Curios, creators can sell or give their digital content directly to their fans. Creators keep 100% of sales, can access their fans' contact information, and keep all rights to their content and IP. 

Its your work, you should keep all the revenue, keep the IP, and know who your fans are.

Curios specializes in digital content 

Music, Videos, Audiobooks, E-books, Tickets/Events, Courses, Podcasts, Newsletters, and more. 

We ensure only the purchaser gains access to your content, and you have the ability to add or remove content, manage pricing, and manage the details of your offerings at any time. After all, it is your content. 

How Does this work? 

Creators use our dashboard to upload, publish and manage their content. 


Upon publishing, this content then automatically appears on the Curios Marketplace

Creators can then point their fans toward their available content. Where the content can be purchased or claimed for free (creator decides the pricing for their content)

We are commonly asked how do we make money? 

Digital content is easy and cheap to distribute and manage. We think the current industry business models where platforms have to keep a percentage of sales for YOUR work that YOU paid for the creation of is insane. 

Or worse if they share a few fractions of pennies per view 

To get back to the point, websites with high traffic and high transaction flow like Curios, have a plethora of tools available to make money. Our main current sources: 

Purchase Fees: Credit card processors add a fee to every transaction, we add an even smaller fee to transactions, all charged to the buyer. That way, if you sell an album for $5, you still get $5. All the fees and the breakdown of fees is public on our checkout pages.  

Pay for premium tools: artists can pay for premium tool use like our email service that is cheaper than most email newsletter services. 

Special Projects: Curios tool suite is whitelabel-able and available for use via our API or backend software. This side of our business has brought in significant revenues which help us offer our platform at the most competitive rates possible to artists and creators.