Minting Factory

Immediately deploy smart contracts that create NFTs for your digital art.

Fiat Payments

Accept fiat payments for your NFTs instantly, no application required. From USD to EUR and all in between, you can immediately accept credit cards, and bank transfers for your NFTs.

Custodial Wallets

Each customer is given a custodial wallet by default so they will not need to know anything about crypto, wallets, or nfts but can still buy and interact with your art.

Unlockable Content

Unlockable content gives you the ability to add secret files, content, and utility that is only accessible by the owner of your NFTs. Unlockable only after a purchase is made and ownership is validate via the blockchain.

Secondary Marketplace

Deploy your own secondary marketplace where users can buy or sell previously purchased NFTs. You can set and recieve royalties for any of these transactions.

High-Velocity Auctions

Sell NFTs via auctions. Curios auction software can handle incredible amounts of traffic, up to 200,000 bids per second.

Ticketing & Access Tokens

Give NFT buyers the ability to access live and virtual events through their NFTs via our ticketing and access token tech stack. We provide an end to end solution that gives any partner the ability to add ticketing utility to their NFTs.

KYC & Fraud Prevention

Curios deploys advanced fraud prevention ai tools that keep your site fully compliant and free of bad actors. KYC comes standard with every license and you can shoose what levels require KYC for each item or transaction sold.

Multi-Chain Support

Create NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Algorand, Casper, Wax and more.