Where Comedians Earn.

Self publish your content, grow your audience, keep 100%.

What is Curios?

A platform where you can self publish, distribute and monetize your content with your fans.

  • You receive 100% of all sales
  • Maintain ownership of your work at all times
  • Aggregate & own your audience's contact information.
  • Can't be canceled or deplatformed

Curios believes in better self publishing.


  • Keep 100% of any sales generated onsite
  • Set your prices, set your terms
  • Earn passive income from your content 24/7 with no fees

Know Your Fans

  • Know who buys your shows, own their contact information
  • Engage with your fans
  • Send announcements that hit the purchasers inbox
  • Export fans to create your own mailing lists

Hassle Free

  • No setup fee, no credit card required
  • Sell content or offer it for free
  • No exclusivity. It's your work, sell it where you want.
  • Unique sales and pricing features

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No Fees for Creators

We add a small fee paid by the buyer for each sale.

How to get started

You can list your content for free or for sale in minutes.

  • 1. Go to studio.curios.com
  • 2. Enter your email address
  • 3. Click Create Project and fill in the details
  • 4. Upload and configure your content
  • 5. Start selling and start engaging with your audience like never before