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Curios is leading the change that creators need and is working relentlessly to offer better solutions to both creators and consumers. 2024 will be no different, our company is dedicated to seeing needed changes in this space and we know that now is a pivotal time for creators to regain control of their content and distribution.

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  1. Rocki Acquisition
  2. New Audio Player (Web)
  3. Film Vertical Launch
  4. Creator Studio v2
  5. Mobile App
  6. Ebooks Vertical Launch
  7. Launch Creator Protocol


Rocki Acquisition
  • Completed January 2024

We have successfully completed our acquisition of Rocki, a renowned player in blockchain-based music. This strategic union cements our position as a key figure in reshaping digital content ownership, distribution, and monetization.

New Audio Player (Web)
  • Coming Soon
Film Vertical Launch
  • Coming Soon
Creator Studio v2
  • Coming Soon
Mobile App
  • Coming Soon
Ebooks Vertical Launch
  • Coming Soon
Launch Creator Protocol
  • Coming Soon

About Curios

Curios Studio and Marketplace are a platform where creators can sell, publish and distribute their content directly to their audience, keep 100% of profits, and own all of their customer data. Our platform is free to any creator in our grant program so they can be better empowered.

Curios wants to continue this empowerment by providing creators with much needed funds to make their work a reality.