Casper Blockchain

Onboarding, Getting Started

Curios and Casper Labs partnered to develop tools detailed on this page to make it easy to create NFTs on Casper.

To create a NFT or a NFT collection, a user must first deploy a smart contract. Smart contracts are unique blocks of code that exist on a blockchain and can autonomously perform tasks on behalf of users. For NFTs, these smart contracts make the NFTs, can destroy the NFTs, track who owns the NFTs, and change who owns the NFTs if the right parameters are sent to the Smart Contract.

After deploying a smart contract, users will interact with that contract. The common interactions or executions are

Minting - this is the creation of a token, this can be done programmatically at point of sale or be done ad hoc like with an airdrop

Transferring - this is the change of ownership of a token, this can be from a secondary market sale, or from someone moving a token from one wallet to another

Burning - this destroys a token. Some contracts allow burning while others do not.

Curios has developed these resources with developers in mind, however if you are a non developer but still want to create NFTs on Casper, Curios has provided solutions for this as well, see the section of this page titled "For non-developers, Web Tools/Dashboard/Interface"

Source Code

All the source code needed to create smart contracts on Casper, and execute the contract functions via the command line can be found at the following links:



Start with the Readme, and follow the remaining instructions from there.

Download Source Code

Deploy Contract

The Code to deploy the smart contract can be found at the following link:

We recommend reading the Read Me first to take all necessary steps to set up the smart contract prior to deploying.

Mint, Transfer, Burn

The code to mint tokens can be found here:

The code to transfer tokens can be found here:

The code to burn tokens can be found here:

When deploying any of this code, start with the readme to take any necessary steps prior to deploying.


Curios has provided a complete marketplace with fiat currency onramp and offramp, all powered by the Curios API. Developers can not only deploy and execute smart contracts on Casper, but they can deeply integrate them into their game or website.

Curios has built and made public a set of code to run a complete NFT marketplace on Casper, powered by the Curios API. You can download the source code and instructions here:

Curios full API information which includes the Casper Blockchain can be found here:

Included in this documentation is how to deploy a Casper Smart Contract, mint, transfer and burn any tokens generated by the contract, as well as tools to list those tokens for sale, tools to collect fiat payment for those tokens, tools to airdrop those tokens to email addresses and more.

Download Source Code

For Non-Developers - Web Tools

Individuals who are not developers nor want to hire developers can still deploy NFT Smart Contracts on Casper via the Curios platform.

Non-developers can create Casper smart contracts, create Casper NFTs, manage any tokens, can transfer these tokens to anyone, and can set up a marketplace or front end website to sell or interact with these tokens.

Curios automatically creates optional custody wallet solutions for these tokens which will help with additional adoption.

All information on how to set up an account and start creating NFTs on Casper can be found at

Create Your Curios Account to get started with NFTs on Casper.