Adding Unlockable Content


Last updated May 22, 2024

Adding Unlockable Content

Unlockable content is the way you can sell content on Curios. 

Unlockable or Private Content is any content that you want a user to either buy or claim before they can access the content. 

This guide will cover uploading content from scratch, editing what content is available to users, and adding more content for users to unlock. 

Uploading Unlockable Content From Scratch

Step 1: Login to by entering your email address, accepting terms, and then hitting submit

Step 2: Click the Create New Project Link in the left hand navigation

Note: All information entered in the following areas is editable and can be changed anytime. 

Step 3: Choose what type of content you would like to upload and click on that selection. If one type does not fit, you can choose multimedia or other

Step 4: Enter a title, description, and upload an image that represents the item you are publishing. Then click Next

Step 5: Here is where you upload your unlockable content. This content is only available to individuals who claim or purchase your content. 

To upload unlockable content, simply click in the large rectangle at the top of the page, or drag and drop the content you want to publish. 

To set a price or to list this content for free, use the dropdown under listing type 

If you choose to set and item For Sale then you can set what price you would like for that item. 

Additionally if you would like to price your content in a currency other than US Dollars you can use the Currency dropdown

Additionally you can choose to limit the total number of items sold in this project by using the Quantity dropdown. For most content, Curios generally recommends choosing unlimited in this area. 

If you choose limited, you will be prompted to enter the total amount of items you want sold. 

The last portion is the Listing Release Date - this can be used if you want to specify a date and time in the future for when this item should be available. 

Simply toggle on the show calendar option to set a date and time if desired

After all of these items are specified, clicking Save Project advances you to the next step

Step 6: The next screen is another upload area that allows you to add Preview Content. This is content that will be public and can be used to entice users to purchase or claim your work. 

Typically this is 20 second cuts of songs, a sample of an audiobook, or a trailer for a video. 

Skip allows you to bypass this step where you can do this later if you wish. 

Upload Preview Files uploads the files and moves you to the next step. 

Step 7: Clicking Review and Publish will open a review screen where you can double check every item entered previously before the content appears on

This content will now show up on and will be available to buy and will look something like this: 

Notice how the item has a sale price of $9.99 and upon purchase the buyer would get access to 40 audio tracks and 5 images. The 40 tracks and 5 images would be the unlockable content uploaded for this Album. 

Adding or Removing Unlockable Content from a Project

Unlockable Content can be added or removed from a project at anytime. 

Step 1: To add or remove content, first log into with the same email used to originally upload the content

Step 2: After logging into you will see a page with any projects you have created. To Add unlockable content or remove unlockable content from any project, click the View Details button

Note if you are on another page of the studio, you can click the My Projects button on the top left navigation to see your list of projects

Step 3: The project detail page allows you to edit all aspects of the project. To Edit the unlockable content, click the Edit Collection button 

Step 4: Scroll down to the Section titled Unlockable Content 

Here you can add more unlockable content files, by hitting the Add Files button. 

Additionally you can delete files by clicking the trash icon in each piece of unlockable content

Finally you can edit the title, credits, description, or sort order for you unlockable content by clicking the Edit button inline with the unlockable content.