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Sep 7, 2022

Curios Launches First Ever Web3 Translation and Currency Conversion Tools

Curios is the ONLY Web3 platform offering these globalization tools. This is a giant step forward towards making Web3 accessible to EVERYONE.

Curios is making globalization in Web3 / NFT a reality, today

Increasing accessibility and adoption of Web3 tools remain the core mission objective for Curios. We want any customer of ours to be able to immediately expand Curios’ product offerings to a global market.

To power inclusion and accessibility, Curios has launched two new key features including:

  • Multi currency conversion (both fiat and crypto)
  • Language translation (over 30 languages instantly) 

Now anyone can participate in Web3 experiences & projects in their native language and native currency. Curios offers any individuals, creator, or company the ability to create NFTs, marketplaces for those NFTs, custodial wallets for their users and access to these NFTs with fiat instead of cryptocurrencies. Additionally Curios offered all of these features as an API so developers can access these tools without having to be experts in solidity and smart contracts. All of those tools have made accessing Web3 tools incredibly easy by reducing the significant technical burdens that have plagued this space. Today Curios is happy to announce that we are further increasing access for the non technical components of our platform. 

Web3 tools offer incredible technologies for creators and businesses, however how to interact with these technologies is often overlooked. Being able to read about a product offering in your native language opens the doors for global adoption. Additionally our currency conversion tools increase accessibility even more. Now you can understand the price of a good in your currency. As cryptocurrencies fluctuate with their natural volatilities, allowing immediate conversions help increase understanding, lower risk, and increase adoption. 

Both tools are incredibly easy to integrate into any app or website using our powerful API. Additionally these tools are standard on any of our immediately deployable white label marketplaces. 

Curios is constantly seeking ways to improve access and inclusion into Web3 and are proud to have completed the rollout of these tools. We believe NFTs and tokenization technologies are intrinsically global and thus need language and currency conversions to actually make that the case.

Language and currency are two things that have proved to be barriers across society for any transaction or communication. Businesses lose out on transactions if they do not have a seamless conversion system for buyers to understand the currency in their respective countries. 

The internet has made consuming and interacting with digital content incredibly easy across the globe. Curios’ tools are designed to allow you to immediately bring your project to a global market. It is essential for people to be able to interact effortlessly between languages and currencies, especially in the Web3 world.

With both of these new features, users from all over the world can now interact with and purchase your NFT and Web3 products instantly and with ease, all powered by Curios. Curios wants to lead the charge in increasing accessibility and adoption of web 3 tools, NFTs, tokens, and blockchain and we believe these new tools are important pieces in this greater mission. 

Contact Curios today to learn more about how you can immediately utilize Web3 for you or your international business.