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Jun 6, 2022

Powder Keg Collective - The Future of NFTs

This collective has created the first NFT membership to bring frictionless, liquidity of real estate and an operating business

The Powder Keg is the first of its kind, a real estate collective featuring one of Houston, TX premier bar developments. The Powder Keg is a Houston bar and restaurant that will be completely rebuilt to be a higher end bar, with event space, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, upgraded food, community offerings and will take cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

A new bar is not particularly innovative, but how the Bar will be owned is completely novel.  The Powder Keg Collective is partnering with Curios to use the Ethereum blockchain and NFTs to allow anyone to own the rights of all distributions of the bar and the land the bar is on. Conceptually this is easy but realistically this is hard to pull off and here is where NFTs and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) come in. A DAO is essentially a business that is run via code, so there is less trust needed and all actions and business distributions happen instantly. NFTs are certificates of ownership on the blockchain that make tracking ownership/membership of anything easy and highly transparent. 

The Powder Keg, the land and the building will be owned by the real estate development, The Founders District. But, the Powder Keg collective will use NFTs and a decentralized collective to manage the bar/restaurant business and the land and building the business operates on. The Powder Keg Collective also has 100% of the rights to the distributions from bar operations, a sale of the bar, or a sale of the land and building. 

Holders of a Powder Keg NFT will be members of the Collective. As the code is currently written 100% of any distributions made by the Bar will be provided annually as a donation to anyone holding a NFT. Additionally, anyone that holds a Powder Keg Collective NFT Membership will have the ability to vote on changes to the operations of the bar proposed by the group. There are 4 voting membership types available, Black for $500k, Gold for $50k, Silver for $10k, and Bronze for $2.5k. The amount the DAO donates per NFT is “pro rata” which means if someone holds 5 silver memberships they would receive the same donation amount as someone holding 1 gold. The main difference between memberships will come from the unforeseen perks associated with each one. Higher tier memberships have more discounts on food and drinks at the bar, and will have more exclusive, discounted and/or free access to future projects. And the future looks bright.  

The Powder Keg Collective and Bar is the genesis project on what is currently called The Founders District, a mixed-use campus being built on 30+ acres in the center of Houston’s population. Engaging with The Powder Keg Collective is ideal seeing as members will be the first ones to not only know what's next in the pipeline but also be the first one to engage and reap the benefits. The group spearheading the Powder keg is led by Houston Businessman Mark Toon, The Blockchain Group, and Puma Development. The group has an extremely unique road map that will marry traditional real estate with NFTs/web3. The plan is to build many more community centric, community owned facilities that will utilize NFTs and Web3 at its core. With this amazing concept the Blockchain Group, Mark, and Puma Development are pioneering the future of community centric business ownership.

Curios is using its NFT tools to alleviate major pain points with investing in a business or real estate project. Primarily your investment is an NFT which has liquidity and can change hands from member to member or member to the public. You can list your NFT for sale on the Powder keg site, or any NFT platform like Opensea. Curios makes it so any donations or perks are automatically sent out. Your crypto wallet will receive donations, automatically with no follow up or checking in needed. 

A Powder Keg Collective NFT Membership buyer will be offered a variety of gifts and benefits while they wait for the project to finish. NFTs are always an investment but if you’re going to invest in any of them Powder Keg Collective is THE ONE that Curios is most excited about. Who wouldn't want to drink and eat at a bar that they not only own rights to distributions but also get discounted every time they visit?

The virtual real estate business is already booming with companies like Adidas, JP Morgan, Sotheby’s, and Atari already paving the way for other investors and members. While the idea of becoming part of this movement may seem intriguing, many people are discouraged due to the lack of material value. However this is NOT an issue with The Powder Keg Collective, which allows those who share doubts to be able to safely and securely explore the space. 

Curios is bringing the entire technical solution for this project to light. It is our company mission to empower physical and digital builders and creators via NFTs and the blockchain. We are beyond excited to bring this solution to light and to change NFT history. If you have a similar idea you want to create, the Curios team will power it. Connect with us today to discuss your next groundbreaking NFT project!

Checkout the amazing Powder Keg Collective Project here: