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Jul 18, 2022

Curios is Opening up its Tool Suite For Creators

Curios announces that it will be launching a tool suite that is specifically designed for creators to utilize the full power of Web3.

Curios prides itself on being truly user friendly. Whether you have knowledge of NFTs or not you can find your way around the platform and do it with ease. We believe that technology should be accessible and easy to use for everyone. To increase access to Web 3’s powerful tools, we are launching a new creator centric tool and a plethora of functions that should further help our creators make their vision a reality. 

These features include:

- Simpler Smart Contract Deployment and Management Tools

- New NFT administration tools

- Variety of Blockchains to choose from

- Ability to accept fiat payments

- Ability to own your own smart contracts

- A custody wallet solution for your customers

- Easy royalty setting and royalty management/tracking tools

In addition to constantly nurturing our mission of “easy to use technology” we are also always working to empower creators further. With these new features creators will be able to have even more control over their projects. We as a company are always looking to evolve our tool set and because technology is changing a mile per minute it is vital for us to pivot as well.  

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