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May 6, 2022

Constellation Art Hosts a Successful NFT Launch for Their 10th Anniversary

Powered by Curios, they revealed their first NFT drop at their launch party

Constellation Art hosted its first launch party alongside the revealing of its first NFT on April 12th. The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Art of Leadership was an event unlike any other with an appearance from the Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and a gifting of a free NFT from renowned Houston artist David Pryor Adickes, to anyone in attendance. David was recently signed to Constellation Art and is their genesis artist with many more to come. This group’s mission is to ease the transition for artists into the Web3 space. Not everyone is crypto or NFT savvy or used to buying/selling via the digital space. David himself comes from an era of artists who could solely present their work in a museum or at a fair so the fact that hundreds of millions of people can now see and buy his work effortlessly is simply groundbreaking. Curios is the backbone and the bridge between this perfect marriage of old and new in the artistic space, and with our technology Constellation Art will be able to see their mission through.

NFTs are not only transforming the art world by how art is bought and sold, but they are also changing what kind of art we value, and which artists. Justin Sun, a prominent Chinese American tech entrepreneur who has spent millions on NFTs, believes that NFTs won’t just bring digital art to the fore, but rather revolutionize the entire space. There has been an on-going issue amongst the  digital art community due to their buyers feeling less than secure when purchasing art because of their lack of confidence in the unique nature of their digital files. That being said, NFTs bring transparency into the art world because the blockchain ledgers are stored publicly, therefore ownership can be validated and monitored. 

Constellation Art is leading the way for physical and digital artists to enter the world of NFTs and will be bringing a lot to the table in 2022.