Use Cases

NFTs for Influencers

From sponsored posts to merch, influencers have an increasing number of ways to both connect with - and monetize - their followers.

With both celebrities and sports stars jumping into NFTs, a small but innovative group of influencers are beginning to see how they too can incorporate NFTs into their business.

The current technical hurdles make breaking into this new space very difficult. Prior to Curios, creating NFTs requires working with a smart contract developer (computer programmer) who is familiar with a programming language known as Solidity. Currently contracting one of these programmers to launch your NFT collection can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars as they (like your content) are in high demand.

Curios makes using NFTs to accentuate your content offerings a breeze and handles all the technical aspects of this space, for a fraction of the cost. Here is a breakdown of the tools and a few suggested use cases as well.

Monetize Your Followers With NFTs

Looking at Jimmy Fallon’s or Paris Hilton’s Bored Ape, you might think NFTs are just glorified JPEG files. In reality, however, the art people see on the surface is just the beginning. Each NFT (and NFT collection) has a smart contract associated with it that determines who actually owns the content, who can see exclusive content, and who gets paid royalties. All of these items happen behind the scenes on a blockchain like Ethereum or Polygon, and are integral to the NFT.

With Curios, you do not have to worry about all those items as they are automatically handled for you.

Our push-button Minting Factory technology allows you to mint, launch and sell NFTs (on your own domain or any other domain) in a matter of minutes.

You simply upload your art, select your blockchain, fill out a title, subtitle, and description for the project, set the listing price and boom. You have created (minted) an NFT on the blockchain with a fully functional smart contract so you can start selling (or giving) your NFTs to your fan base.

Curios also offers immediately deployable marketplaces for you to sell and advertise this content on. In this use case, Curios collects the funds, allows you to withdraw them, and handles all the complexities of an ecommerce website.

Curios also has some unique advantages in that you can accept credit cards and cryptocurrencies for your NFTs instead of just crypto.

The last caveat is Curios has incredible customer service and can help you navigate the nuances of this industry so you can focus on your offerings to your fans.

Earn Ongoing Royalties

Often surrounding NFTs is the topic of ongoing royalty payments.

When you sell your first NFT you get all the proceeds of the sale (every penny).

When the buyer of that item goes to sell it to someone else, whether on your Curios NFT site or on another site like OpenSea, you can also get a set % of that transaction too.

That is one of the smart contract advantages. Each NFT is tied to the contract that Curios deploys with your NFT and in that contract is a % royalty that you can make into perpetuity.

So as your fans come and go or as your fan base grows you can simultaneously grow your passive income.

Meaning, not only do you make a profit when you first sell your NFT, you also earn a royalty if that person sells it to someone else in the future.

The more active your fans are in the marketplace, the more royalties you can earn.

Offer Your Followers Likable, Unlockable Content

With the exception of “adult-oriented” pictures and videos, it’s been difficult for many influencers to monetize exclusive content.

Mainly because platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Spotify operate on the (increasingly outdated) ad revenue model. The ad revenue model creates a worse user experience for your fans and only gives you micro percentages of the profits being made from your content and your hard work NFTs change this dramatically.

Curios offers built in Ticketing and Access Token technology, allowing you to monetize exclusive content like never before.

Curios has a secure asset tool that lets you offer audio, images, and video that only holders of your NFTs can see.

Because of this, the NFT itself can act as a mechanism that grants buyers access to exclusive content (e.g. a recording of a live performance, behind the scenes film footage, exclusive photos, etc.).

Further, by including bonus content with your NFTs, you can wow your followers with an unexpected - and highly valued - surprise. This tool can keep your NFT holders engaged and give them an NFT that actually has increasing value.

And it’s not just digital content either.

Assuming you meet and interact with fans in person, your NFT can be used as a vehicle for delivering entrance tickets, scannable QR codes, discounts for merch and even secret passwords guests can use to slip by security at your next meet and greet.

Follower-Friendly Technology

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase an NFT using cryptocurrency, you know it’s a daunting process that requires some serious tech savvy (and patience).

In particular, a process that involves buying a specific cryptocurrency on the correct blockchain, setting up a decentralized wallet, moving funds between the two and potentially spending hundreds of dollars in fees in the process. The user then has to connect the wallet to a site, all just to buy digital content.

With Curios, however, your fans don’t have to worry about any of that.

Instead, they can buy NFTs directly from your marketplace with both credit cards and/or bank transfers (or cryptocurrency if they’re already a savvy user).

Second, once they make their purchase, Curios will automatically set them up with a custodial wallet where they can access and interact with your NFT. No prior experience required.


As more and more celebrities jump on the NFT bandwagon, influencers are exploring how they too can get in on the action.

And with Curios’ NFT marketplace services, creating, launching, and selling an NFT collection has never been easier.

For more information on how Curios can help your organization integrate NFTs into your business, please contact us using the form below or reach out to any of our friendly staff. We would love to hear how we can help you grow your engagement, your user base, and your bottom line.