Use Cases

NFTs for Athletes

Over the last year, a growing number of athletes - including multiple high profile celebrities - have jumped on the NFT trend.

Many, including Stephen Curry and Dez Bryant, have spent six-figures on exclusive, animal-based profile pictures (known as PFPs).

Others, like Tom Brady, are approaching the industry with an eye towards building a business.

Regardless of the angle, there’s no denying athletes see serious potential in this new and rapidly growing technology. Breaking into this complicated space can be daunting and extremely expensive, and that's what Curios solves.

Curios number one goal is to empower you to intract and engage your fans without you or your fans having to be hardcore crypto users.

With Curios, using NFTs to better connect with your fans - while adding a new and potentially lucrative revenue stream - has never been easier.

Engage Sports Enthusiasts In New Ways With NFTs

On the surface, it's hard to tell the difference between an NFT and a regular digital image.

However, what makes NFTs special is the underlying blockchain technology behind the NFT. This technology provides a permanent, unhackable, and linear chain of custody.

Technology that - when configured properly - can grant access to exclusive content, behind the scenes footage, secret passwords for live events and more.

Because of that, launching an NFT collection is much more complicated than just hiring an artist.

Instead, it requires building a website that can interact with the blockchain you plan to launch your NFT on, having a well audited smart contract deployed, and having secure crypto and NFT friendly wallets set up for your account.

In general, building this kind of infrastructure requires working with an advanced computer programmer, known as a smart contract developer and can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

With Curios, however, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Instead, our Minting Factory does the heavy lifting for you. The minting factory can immediately create and deploy a smart contract for your NFT, and can mint any kind of NFT or NFT collection you desire.

Additionally Curios tools allow you to launch your own NFT marketplace - hosted on your own domain - in a matter of minutes.

That way, all you have to worry about is packaging your content, and deciding what extra goodies you want your NFT buyers to get access to.

Bring Your Fans Closer

As an athlete, your most diehard fans want as much of you as possible.

They want your autograph. They want selfies with you. And they would absolutely flip if they could spend an afternoon with you.

And with Curios Unlockable Content technology, allowing your fans to get exclusive access has never been easier.

As mentioned above, NFTs are more than just JPEGs.

Instead, think of them like magical computer folders where you can give the owner of the NFT - and that person only - access to whatever you want.

Want to reward your biggest fans with some behind-the-scenes footage of what looks like in the locker room after a big win? No problem.

Releasing a collection for kids and want to include a short motivational video? Easy.

Whether it’s photos, audio, video or scannable QR codes buyers can use to access real life materials, Curious makes it dead simple to include a variety of content in your NFTs.

Raise Money for Charity

Got a charity you’d like to raise a couple hundred thousand for?

With Curios High Velocity Auctions and Ticketing Access Token technology, raising funds for a cause - whether it be online or in person - only requires a few clicks.

On the digital side, our High Velocity Auctions technology is capable of handling up to 200,000 bids per second.

Meaning, with just one IG Live or Tweet, you can sell out an NFT collection to your fans in a matter of minutes (if not seconds!).

But that’s not all.

You could also raise money for charity through an exclusive meet and greet dinner?

Your NFT can serve as the entrance ticket, with the possibility of including a unique scannable barcode or QR code.

In fact, if you want to make your fans feel exclusive, you can even include a special “passphrase” buyers can mention at the door to sneak past security.

With Curios Auction and Access technology, all of this and more is not only possible, but dead simple for you to set up and execute.

Fan-Friendly Technology

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase an NFT using cryptocurrency, you know it’s a daunting process that requires some serious tech savvy (and patience).

In particular, a process that involves buying the right cryptocurrency, setting up a decentralized wallet, correctly moving that cryptocurrency to a, then connecting that wallet to a website all while likely spending hundreds of dollars in fees in the process.

Curios solves your customer’s hassles with our easy onsite tools.

Instead, with Curios’ tools, your fans can buy NFTs directly from your marketplace with both credit cards and/or bank transfers or a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Second, once they make their purchase, Curios will automatically set them up with a custodial wallet. No prior experience required. Your fans can buy, sell, and access exclusive content from your NFTs all without having any prior crypto knowledge at all. They will feel like it's a normal e-commerce experience, and you can gain a deeper engagement with your fan base.


NFTs are revolutionizing how performers interact with their fans.

From music to art - and especially sports - NFTs allow performers to create a new, high-profit margin revenue stream while giving fans what they want most: As much of you as they can possibly get.

If any of this seems complicated, our sales and customer support teams can quickly help you figure out how to best turn your ideas into NFTs and get everything set up for your marketplace.

For more information on how Curios can help your organization integrate NFTs into your business, please contact us using the form below.