Digital Collectibles

Curios is your destination for researching, understanding, minting, holding, and transferring NFTs associated with digital collectibles.

Whether you are looking to understand how you can create and auction NFTs associated with your digital or physical items, or if you are looking to determine the value of a NFT as an investor, Curios has you covered.


The world of NFTs and digital collectibles can be hard to navigate, and Curios’ expertise will quickly add NFTs to your portfolio. Whether you are tying an NFT to a digital creation, or associating a NFT with a physical one, Curios can take you through the entire process.

We specialize in the following services:

  1. Research and consulting on NFT strategies for clients
  2. Issuing/Minting NFTs on blockchain
  3. Housing and managing a client’s blockchain ledger
  4. Holding NFTs in Curios' blockchain wallet until they are sold
  5. Escrowing funds of sales
  6. Transferring NFTs to buyer
  7. Transferring proceeds to seller

Curios will carry liability of protecting NFTs and ensuring delivery to buyers and in addition, Curios has its own bidding platform that a client could use for auctioning NFTs if so desired.

There is a variety of information you can include with each minting of NFTs and Curios will ensure that your goals are met to provide maximum value to each digital token.


Not all NFTs are weighted equally, some NFTs have no copyrights associated with them, some have no exclusive access to the work, meaning the original artist can mint more NFTs of the same work Some NFTs do not come with possession of the original digital file Some NFTs are not uploaded by the original artist or are minted without the original artist’s permission or knowledge.

For those looking to acquire NFTs into their collections, Curios’ active database of NFTs provides all information associated with a given NFT. Users can research NFT values, NFT types, pricing trends, minting information, and any other information that would be valuable to know.

Curios’ database of NFTs helps investors make educated decisions prior to investing in NFTs. Plenty of NFTs are valuable and hold their value, and it is our goal to ensure that you can distinguish those from NFTs that have no value associated with them. We specifically list what attributes are associated with each NFT as well as provide insight into the token’s value.