Technology for Collectibles

Collectors want to know that the time and money they invest into their collections are worthwhile, and that means understanding the worth of their assets. At Curios, we’ve developed the tools and technology to provide everything a collector needs to easily make the most informed decisions about their investments.

Using artificial intelligence and big data to pull from thousands of sources, Curios provides an expansive database of collectibles and their market values in one place. Using our proprietary valuation algorithm to continually track and compile large amounts of data provides real time, true market values that collectors know they can trust. Instead of spending hours combing through various conflicting and opinion-based sources to determine your collectible’s worth, you can easily access the most up-to-date information and market value instantly through Curios.

Additionally, our image recognition technology allows you to immediately identify any collectible you come across, as well as gain instant access to valuable background information from our encyclopedia, and our future value predictions to help determine your level of interest.

When it’s time to sell, or if you’re looking to expand your collection, our aggregated marketplace combines all of the biggest marketplaces in one location, so no more juggling multiple sites to find the best deal. Armed with the up-to-date market data Curios provides, you can trust that you’re making the best decision for your sale or purchase.